Bastion City Casino

The Lovelace Casino boasts many fine entertainment options for tourists and locals alike. Anyone looking to strike it rich winning games of chance may do so here, if they’re lucky enough.

The casino offers games of chance such as Slots, Killjack, Three-Empires, and Roulette. Bets can be placed on pit fights and monster fights, as well as on more friendly sports and competitions.

There is both a Daily and a Weekly Lottery available.

Lovelace offers other commodities as well, such as doubling as a hotel and comes replete with live dances and music, fine dining in its various restaurants, and room service. Lovelace also has a variety of high-class call-girls for a distinguished guest’s perusal.

Lovelace has many lounge rooms for recreational activities such as smoking and drinking amongst friends, and also offers one of the most expansive bars in the entire region, complete with various local and foreign drinks, both common and rare.

Private rooms are reserved for Spellhold players, a local card game played and loved by almost everyone.

The most popular attraction at Lovelace, however, is…

Bastion City Casino

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