Bastion is a large, densely populated coastal city in the tropics of Fir, run by a council of mages (the Circle of Seven) and headed by The Empress. There has been unrest as of late, as the much-loved Empress seems withdrawn and moody, refusing to talk even to the council about what ails her.

Bastion contains an aquatic transport system of tubes, fueled by magic and machinery alike; they use the city’s aqueduct as a means of power to keep lights and other machines running in a complex system that results in every component of the city powering each other.

Various gangs rule the lower slums in the city. There is an all-out turf war going on between the leaders of several gangs for control of the slums, and there-in, control of the underhanded and seedy side of Bastion.

Bastion is powered by magic and machine alike, co-existing as best as possible with the nature of the island. Parts of the city are reporting an encroaching threat of black vines and blood red thorns, however.

It has a coastal economy and as such thrives on fish and other maritime exports. The Royal Navy is often beset by pirates and giant sea beasts (known by the locals as the Kings of the Sea), which has been hampering the economy.

Exports include exotic fruits, vegetables, and grain, as well as exotic plants and animals. As of late, something has been killing crops at a rapid pace, straining local businesses and exports.

Rumor has it a black market exists in the city.

The three most popular tourist destinations are The Magical Menagerie, The Lovelace Casino, and the Colosseum.


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